Common Admission Test(CAT) is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management in the month of November every year. Over 2 lakh MBA aspirants take CAT every year for 4000 IIM seats. For cracking this exam the examiners should know the correct pattern in order to get a good percentile. Thorough understanding of the syllabus is the important key for success.

CAT is divided into three sections

1)  Verbal ability and Reading comprehension  (34 questions)

2) Logical Reasoning and Data interpretation (32 questions)

3)Quantitative ability (34 questions )

Let’s see about the syllabus for CAT for each section one by one


1. Reading comprehension (24 to 26 questions)

2. Sentence Rearrangement (2 to 3 questions)

3. Sentence correction ( 1 to 2 questions)

4. Sentence elimination ( 1 to 2 questions)

5. Paragraph Summary ( 2 questions)



Data Interpretation (16 questions)                            Logical reasoning (16 questions)

1. Tables                                                                            1. Grid Puzzle

2. Graphs                                                                          2. Seating arrangement

3. Charts                                                                            3. Binary Logic

4. Multiple charts and Graphs                                      4. Games and Tournaments



      There are 4 sub categories in this section

1. Arithmetic (8 to 9 questions) –  Percentages, Profit and Loss, Simple interest and Compound                                                                              interest, Speed Time Work, HCF and LCM and Number Theory

2. Geometry (8 to 9 questions)  – Triangles, Circles and Quadrilaterals, Mensuration, co-ordinate                                                                       geometry

3. Algebra (8 questions)             – Linear Quadratic, Ratio and Proportion, Mixtures, Averages,                                                                            Functions,AP-GP,Inequalities

4. Modern Math (6 to 7 questions) – Permutation and Probability, Set theory,Logarithms

(Note: The number of questions mentioned above are based on the previous years CAT papers)

You  can download the previous years CAT questions in the link provided below


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